Frequently Asked Questions

What and when do you feed and how often?

We feed live or frozen rats ( size appropriate) to all of our ball pythons;  no mice!   We offer our snakes a meal once every 4-7 days throughout the year   Feeding at night works best for us; typically around 9:00 pm our snakes are most interested and active for feeding purposes. 

What do you use to house your Ball Pythons?

We house all of our large females in Freedom Breeder CB70 racks with clear windows.  Our males and smaller female ball pythons are housed in standard Freedom Breeder CB70 racks.  All of our hatchings are raised in Vision hatchling racks and yearlings in their V35 racks.

How are the Ball Python’s enclosures set-up?

We keep it simple.  A typical ball python tub enclosure is set-up with three items:  shredded aspen as the bedding, a hide box and water bowl.  Note:  we keep all of our hatchlings on paper towels until they reach approximately 400 grams.   Each ball python tub/enclosure is provided with a proper temperature gradient.  The cool side of the enclosure has an ambient temperature of approximately 80 degrees with a hot spot in the rear of the enclosure set at approximately 90 degrees.  Our room is keep at approximately 60%-70% humidity; any lower and we have shed problems out here in Arizona.