About Us


Welcome to Desert Dweller Reptiles

Desert Dweller Reptiles, LLC is home based business, located in Sun City Arizona, which specializes in high-end reptiles. Ball pythons and bearded dragons are our specialty among other desert reptiles.

Our bearded dragons originally put us on the map. We built some great relationships and a name for ourselves in the process with our colorful “Red Desert” bearded dragons. Working with bearded dragons since the mid 90s has been a wonderful learning experience and a great platform for us to broaden our horizons from.

In 2005, we added numerous ball python morphs (python regius) to our collection of reptiles and entered the ball python market. It was a scary financial investment that has been rewarding on multiple levels and we have been hooked ever since.

We are just amazed at the endless possibilities that can be created with the different ball python morphs. In the years to come we hope to create our own ball python morphs which will excite and fascinate the new and seasoned reptile enthusiasts. With hundreds of variations and a great temperament it is no wonder that the ball python has become one of the most popular species to keep and breed.

Our Commitment

As always you can count on us to treat you right! Our personal “hands on” approach and beautifully colored reptiles is what sets us apart from other breeders. We only produce a limited number of clutches a year. This enables us to meticulous care for our reptile collection in a manner that promotes quality rather than quantity. Our reptiles speak for themselves!

If you have questions please give a call or shoot us an email; we love to talk “shop.”